[Recipe] Strawberry Tropical Smoothie

  This is a lovely, light and refreshing fruit smoothie that can be tangy or sweet. You choose whichever you prefer. What determines the sweetness of a smoothie? There are two main things: it will depend on the ripeness of your fruit or whether you add sweetening to your taste. If your fruit is not

[Recipe] Power Detox n Recharge Green Smoothie

  Are you feeling sluggish and bloated after all the fatty, sugary or processed holiday foods you’ve been enjoying? Me, too! That’s why I’ve turned to this tasty smoothie from the NutritionTwins, registered dietitians, to help me get my energy back and to reduce bloating. Registered dietitians probably have a better idea than most of

[Recipe] Red Berry Blue Berry Slushie Plus a Smoothie

  We have two tasty drinks for you today: one a slushie and the other a smoothie. The former morphed into the latter in my kitchen, lol! First up is the smoothie recipe. As I said, this delicious strawberry blueberry smoothie was inspired by a summer berry slushie recipe I saw that looked so appealing.

[Recipe] Reduce Belly Fat Series: Chocolate Banana Cherry Smoothie

  Chocolate, banana, cherry and smoothie, all in one sentence. Is that good? Or is that GOOD! We’re running a mini series of smoothie recipes that help reduce belly fat. When taken as part of a healthy eating program, this tasty smoothie can help. It’s worth remembering that excess abdominal fat is a heart risk,

[Recipe] Cabbage Carrot Apple Smoothie only 50 cals

  A savory cabbage, carrot and apple smoothie with just a hint of sweetness from the apple and a little spice from some ginger. Fresh ginger is best but you can use powdered ginger if you do not have any fresh. Add more if you like it spicy – adjust the quantity to suit your

Warning! ‘Middle-Age Health Crisis’ – Smoothies to the Rescue!

I came across this timely wake-up call today – it’s a good reminder of the dangers of poor diet and the consequences for health. But they are not just bemoaning the problem but also offer some useful tips. Of course, having shed 55 lbs between us, my husband & I know from personal experience how

[Recipe] Cherry Lime Probiotic Popsicles for Under 30 Calories Each

  These popsicles from Sylvie at GourmandeInTheKitchen are refreshing, tangy, delicious, good for your gut, less than 30 calories each and take such little effort they are made in minutes. That said, they do require a little prep beforehand (by way of making coconut water kefir). Making kefir is really simple to do and we’ve put

[Recipe] Weight Loss Program: Banana Almond Green Smoothie

  We’re still looking to make strides with our weight loss. Smoothies are a big part of our healthy eating plan, especially since I’m not good at eating greens. This recipe includes romaine lettuce which gives loads of healthy green nutrients yet has a very mild flavor. It is an excellent source of Vitamin K,


[Recipe] Needing a Flu Shot? Try This To Chase Off The Bugs

    It’s that time of year again when those at risk from flu need a shot to help protect them from this nasty bug. To help, we have another ‘big gun’ to add to your arsenal, not just for those at risk but for the rest of us, too. This tasty and nutritious blast

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[Recipe] Harley Pasternak’s Perfect Breakfast Smoothie

This just could be the perfect breakfast smoothie! Its by Harley Pasternak, trainer to celebrities like Jennifer Hudson or Jessica Simpson. So it is geared to an active life style including regular exercise. But this recipe can also act as a super base to adapt, develop and make it your own… (And if you’re looking for