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[Recipe] Harley Pasternak’s Perfect Breakfast Smoothie

[Recipe] Harley Pasternak’s Perfect Breakfast Smoothie

This just could be the perfect breakfast smoothie! Its by Harley Pasternak, trainer to celebrities like Jennifer Hudson or Jessica Simpson. So it is geared to an active life style including regular exercise. But this recipe can also act as a super base to adapt, develop and make it your own… (And if you’re looking for

[RECIPE] Post-Workout Green Smoothie Aids Hydration & Recovery

It’s essential to keep yourself well hydrated when you’re active & doing exercise… A great way to make this easier is to prepare a post-workout green smoothie in advance. This green smoothie will than play the main role in supplying your body – which will need to be replenished, to recover and adjust to the training stimulus that you just

[Recipe] Delish Chocolate Mocha Smoothie

    Don’t speak to me until I have my first coffee of a morning! But despite having several mocha smoothies – which I love! – on the website, I’ve never made one for breakfast – lunch, yes, but not breakfast. So maybe that’s why I’m asking is this breakfast or dessert I’m offering here?

[Video] The Results Are Out – Powered by Green Smoothies!

This is fascinating! Here’s a short video clip (58 secs) reporting the amazing conclusions of a very interesting study by independent filmmaker, Sergei Boutenko. Sergei tested the impact on a group of 10 athletes of drinking whole-food based green smoothies. The athletes – ten Ultrarunners and CrossFitters – kept to their normal training and racing regimen but added

[RECIPE] Cinnamon Pineapple Smoothie Helps Heal Hurting Knees

Our knees are at risk, but there is hope… Knees – probably one of our body’s most important joints. Essential for good posture, and of course if we are to engage in any activity like walking, jumping and running, they need to be strong, supple and working efficiently. Risks – this vital joint, in continual

[Recipe] Recover Faster Smoothie – Pineapple Mango & Banana

I just ran across this popular recovery smoothie recipe from Shoshana Pritzker, RD, CDN ( She simply shares a delicious healthy recovery smoothie with concise nutritional benefits for each of the key ingredients. I found it refreshingly direct and fast-acting. – And it’ll give you some more great new ideas for your own smoothie recipes. Check out the