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[Recipes] My Top 3 Easy After-School Snacks Your Kids (or Grand-kids) Will Go Wild Over

[Recipes] My Top 3 Easy After-School Snacks Your Kids (or Grand-kids) Will Go Wild Over

Great for those of you with kids (or grand-kids!) – not exactly smoothies, but I came across these super after school snacks – in an article in I’ve included my favorite 3 right here… but there are 20(!!) creative snack recipes in the source article (see attribution link at the end). Don’t worry, we

[Recipe] Spiced Apple Cider with Cranberry and Orange

  With the New Year almost upon us are you looking for something non-alcoholic yet tasty for your party?  Whether it is something for the children to drink, or for the drivers, join me in a low pressure, non-alcoholic concoction that is quite delicious. If I’m having a party I like to keep things simple to

[Recipe] Luxury Chocolate Mint Hot Chocolate

  HAPPY CHRISTMAS! A rich and creamy, real chocolate, hot chocolate treat. Indulgent, luxurious, silkily smooth. A special treat and not an every day drink. Just right for a warming, late night Christmas Eve treat. Yes? Recently I found some rich, dark, mint chocolate. It was delicious. I made some melt-in-the-mouth mint chocolate truffles with

[Recipe] Avoid the Unknowns of Pre-made – Make This Delicious Mulled Apple Cider at Home, for an Unbelievable Taste!

Want a drink to make you all warm and toasty? Then you must make this delicious mulled apple cider! I love it when in the colder weather, we have food & drinks warming and comforting – and there’s nothing beats some hot apple cider for this. But here’s the thing that makes all the difference… Instead of buying your apple

[Tips] Avoid These 15 “Healthy Eating” Habits

Essential reading for anyone serious about healthy eating – I found this collection of concise myth-busting nutrition tips quite enlightening! All written by Registered Dieticians. There’s a great satisfaction from finding the perfect balance between eating well, exercising well, and treating yourself! So it was quite a shock to realize that a surprising number of the “healthy”

[2 Recipes] For a change, try these 2 Smoothie Bowls

Want to keep on track with your healthy meal plans, but getting tired of drinking smoothies? Here’s something to satisfy…2 super healthy recipes from nutritionist Kelly LeVeque: One is a sweet berry bowl, the other is a savory chocolate bowl–and they’re both delicious! Watch the video and tell us how you like to make smoothie

Sad News…My Mum

Hi folks, I’m sad to say, we buried my mum yesterday. She had been failing for a while, but took a sudden turn for the worse a couple of weeks back, was taken to hospital but didn’t respond to treatment and passed away 2 days later. We’ll miss her sorely, but we’re glad she’s free