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[Recipe] Chocolate Strawberry Walnut Smoothie <200 Cals

[Recipe] Chocolate Strawberry Walnut Smoothie <200 Cals

  You can buy fresh and frozen strawberries all year round. However, once they come into season locally they are unbeatable. Fresh, local strawberries are delicious. Some folks love them dipped in sour cream and then dark brown sugar for a lovely caramelized flavor. Another popular option is to dip them in melted chocolate. Mmm!

[Recipe] Savory Smoothie Quick Formula

  I found this quick and simple formula for savory green smoothies from BerkeleyWellness and thought you might like to see it. It gives four categories of ingredients and suggests choosing an item from each to make up your smoothie. Take one vegetable, one liquid, one flavoring and one herb, add ice and blend until

[Recipe] Citrus Honey Yogurt Smoothie

  This tasty citrus and honey lassi smoothie is a remake of one we posted recently from Liren at KitchenConfidante. Today’s recipe is over on the next page. The earlier recipe was Honey n Lemon Lassi Smoothie for 175 Calories I was rather pleased with the variation. I wanted a slightly sweeter smoothie without 2-4

[Recipe] Savory Green Smoothie Only 224 Calories

  We have no bananas. We have no berries. We have no pears. These are just a few of the fruits I usually add to our smoothies to help sweeten them. Even my green smoothies are usually sweetened with fruit. So I thought it was time to try a savory green smoothie without the addition

[Recipe] 3-ingredient Berry Smoothie from 112 Cals

  This tasty 3-ingredient fruit smoothie comes from Averie at AverieCooks. Berries vary in their calorie content, with raspberries and strawberries being particularly light. So if calories matter to you, you may wish to head in their direction. However, each berry variety adds its own unique flavor so, while the recipe calls for mixed berries,

[Recipe] Healthy Oreo Cookie Smoothie Only 140 Cals

  This smoothie recipe comes from Jocelyn Delk Adams of GrandbabyCakes. As always, the details are over on the next page. Scroll down to click on the ’next page’ button below if you are in a hurry to get there, lol! A delicious, healthy Oreo smoothie that tastes indulgent, which is a necessary requirement according

[Recipe] Blackberry Ginger Smoothie from 140 Calories

  Large plump blackberries are delicious. Wonderful in season, but equally delicious from the freezer. But boy! Those seeds!!! This blackberry and ginger combination comes from Emilie at TheCleverCarrot (details over the page). It’s delicious. And Emilie has a sensible idea for dealing with those pesky seeds – strain them out before you make the