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[Recipe] Blueberry Avocado Flax Smoothie

  Boy, it’s chilly outside! I’m so thankful for a cosy warm home. There has been snow recently, only on high ground, I know, but it will come to lower levels soon. Winter weather can be hard on your face so help protect it with good skin products, but also consider what you put in

[Recipe] Apple Cinnamon Ginger Green Smoothie

  It’s that time of year when we remember we meant to lose-those-extra-few-pounds-that-slipped-on-when-we-weren’t-looking so we can fit into that special dress for the holiday season. Sigh! Don’t give up! Mishaps and slip-ups happen but as Liz says in her post (see link at the end) expect/plan for them and then Get Back On Track! We

[Recipe] Green Apple Ginger Smoothie from 150 Calories

  The apples at the farmers’ markets have been wonderful recently so, as they are plentiful and inexpensive, we have another apple smoothie for you to try. However, while this recipe may have a similar title and a slight overlap in ingredients with the previous smoothie, ie the apple and ginger, that’s where the similarity