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[Recipe] Power Detox n Recharge Green Smoothie

[Recipe] Power Detox n Recharge Green Smoothie

  Are you feeling sluggish and bloated after all the fatty, sugary or processed holiday foods you’ve been enjoying? Me, too! That’s why I’ve turned to this tasty smoothie from the NutritionTwins, registered dietitians, to help me get my energy back and to reduce bloating. Registered dietitians probably have a better idea than most of

[Recipe] 14 Super Smoothies to Kick-start Your Mornings!

Like your morning coffee? Why not drink these instead? This selection of 14 healthy green drinks – all perfect to enjoy at the start of your day – are just as good for energy, and much better for your waste-line. There are all sorts of healthy drinks, but this selection is great for detoxifying, jump-starting the metabolism,

[RECIPE] Ultimate Breakfast Green Protein Smoothie

Here’s a surprising delicious treat from a healthy green smoothie! Some recipes are designed for specific purposes. For example, a green smoothie could be good for detoxifying, immunity boosting, energy boosting, and many more. However, most smoothies are made to simply taste great and give your body access to fresh and raw ingredients. And if there

[Recipe] Refreshing Pineapple Cucumber Smoothie

    This is a lovely twist on a ‘traditional’ smoothie recipe. I’m a recent convert to adding cucumber to my smoothies. It was surprising that what I think of as a pretty tasteless veggie can make such a difference to my smoothie. We know to put cucumber on puffy eyes and on sunburnt skin

[Recipe] Smooth Green Things To Jump Start Your Morning

I found this excellent compilation of smoothies great for kick-starting your mornings (on We’ve included the first 3 recipes here below. In all there are 14 super morning energiser smoothie recipes but love number 2 especially! Here’s what the author says… If you are looking for a great way to kick-off your morning (and

[Recipe] How to Get Maximum Benefit from the Food You Eat

    Our bodies cannot benefit from all the nutritious foods we eat if our guts are not in good working order Prebiotics build helpful gut bacteria, improving gastrointestinal health as well as potentially enhancing calcium absorption. Examples of prebiotics include: avocado, bananas, onions, garlic, leeks, asparagus, artichokes, soybeans and whole-wheat foods Probiotics repopulate the