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[Recipe] Coconut Banana Date Smoothie from 150 Calories

[Recipe] Coconut Banana Date Smoothie from 150 Calories

  This smoothie, based on one from Hillary at NutritionNutOnTheRun, is tasty, nourishing, satisfying and healthy. As it is, the recipe is free from dairy and gluten, suitable for vegans and has no added sugar. You won’t even notice the lack of sugar if you use a ripe and spotty banana as a substitute. There’s

[Recipe] Blueberry Coconut Smoothie from 140 Calories

  Another delicious smoothie recipe to enjoy, based on wild blueberries. This time it is from competitive cook, multi award-winning home cook and Chopped Champion Lisa Keys who writes at GoodGriefCook – linked on the next page following the recipe. It’s interesting researching these recipes. I have found not only moms who love to feed

[Recipe] Banana Cashew Green Smoothie from 150 Cals

  This tasty smoothie is from Kare at the KitchenTreaty website. What makes it a little different is the inclusion of fresh mint leaves. As always, you’ll find the recipe on the next page. It’s full of bananas, cashew nuts and leafy greens and lighter tasting than some as there is no milk or yogurt.

[Recipe] Melon Ginger Green Smoothie from 110 Calories

  I made this tasty melon and ginger green smoothie for breakfast this morning. It’s refreshing and slightly spicy. You can adjust the amount of ginger you add according to your own preference. However, we like a lot of ginger flavor so always add a good-sized ‘thumb’. This recipe also contains almonds. Recent studies have