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[Recipe] Red Berry Blue Berry Slushie Plus a Smoothie

[Recipe] Red Berry Blue Berry Slushie Plus a Smoothie

  We have two tasty drinks for you today: one a slushie and the other a smoothie. The former morphed into the latter in my kitchen, lol! First up is the smoothie recipe. As I said, this delicious strawberry blueberry smoothie was inspired by a summer berry slushie recipe I saw that looked so appealing.

[Recipe] Raspberry Chocolate Protein Smoothie

  Fruit smoothies are still very popular. They are maybe not getting quite as much publicity as a few years back, but many, many folks still enjoy them nonetheless. We frequently find that chocolate smoothies are not as popular as fruit ones – except maybe with chocaholics, like me, lol! However, if you are not

[Recipe] Green Apple Ginger Smoothie from 150 Calories

  The apples at the farmers’ markets have been wonderful recently so, as they are plentiful and inexpensive, we have another apple smoothie for you to try. However, while this recipe may have a similar title and a slight overlap in ingredients with the previous smoothie, ie the apple and ginger, that’s where the similarity