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Warning! ‘Middle-Age Health Crisis’ – Smoothies to the Rescue!

Warning! ‘Middle-Age Health Crisis’ – Smoothies to the Rescue!

I came across this timely wake-up call today – it’s a good reminder of the dangers of poor diet and the consequences for health. But they are not just bemoaning the problem but also offer some useful tips. Of course, having shed 55 lbs between us, my husband & I know from personal experience how

[Recipe] Apple Kiwi Green Smoothie

  Dr Nina Cherie Franklin writes on health and wellness issues. We have quoted her on several occasions as she has written on how to make smoothies work for diabetics. Here are links to them if you would find that helpful: 5 Strategies for Smoothies for Diabetics 5 Smoothies for Diabetics We said in our

[Recipe] Smoothies are Great, but Maybe Not for Everyone?

I came across this excellent article by Kirsten Srinivasan (from today and warmly recommend taking the time to read it. She discusses the pros & cons of smoothies for health, and points out how to get the best from smoothies depending on your goals. The article warns against the dangers of some commercial “healthy” smoothies and why

[Recipe] Going Bananas? Here’s 10 Amazing Health Benefits

Bananas are brilliant! I love them…and for good healthy reasons. I found this article (from which summarised 10 banana health benefits nice & concisely. I’ve also included a quick and easy protein rich banana breakfast smoothie – also a good recovery drink after an intense workout.  Who wouldn’t love a healthy chocolate drink! As HomeHealthyRemedies