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[Recipe] Cherry Lime Probiotic Popsicles for Under 30 Calories Each

[Recipe] Cherry Lime Probiotic Popsicles for Under 30 Calories Each

  These popsicles from Sylvie at GourmandeInTheKitchen are refreshing, tangy, delicious, good for your gut, less than 30 calories each and take such little effort they are made in minutes. That said, they do require a little prep beforehand (by way of making coconut water kefir). Making kefir is really simple to do and we’ve put

[Recipe] Coconut Rum Smoothie for a Long Summer Evening

  With the weather warming up and the days lengthening, it’s time to gather some long summer evening drinks to sip and savor on the weekend. So how about this delicious coconut rum smoothie from Betsy at DessertsRequired? (I’ll warn you now: although the recipe says ‘serves 1’, you might want to share it, even if

[RECIPE] Healthy Sweet Temptation – Green Frosty Smoothie

Here’s a tasty highly recommended recipe that to delight your tastebuds, helping make you feel less stressed. While we prefer to encourage use of only natural ingredients, this recipe does give you the option to add an extra protein boost. Result – a green smoothie packed with fiber, magnesium, protein and more. For vegans, protein, which is

[Recipe] Rich n Creamy Pina Colada Smoothie

  The shelves in my local supermarket were piled high with pineapples yesterday, at an excellent price. So guess what I bought … Yes, bananas, lol! Well, you can’t make a pina colada smoothie without bananas, now can you? I love pina colada smoothies and this one from Julie at ThisGalCooks is rich and creamy

[Recipe] Strawberry Coconut Cream Smoothie

  This delicious strawberry coconut cream smoothie would make a lovely treat for a special breakfast on a birthday or Christmas morning. Especially so, if you normally try to keep your calorie count low. However, the fat in coconut milk is healthy and good for you so don’t be afraid to have it occasionally. Fruit