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[Recipe] Weight Loss Program: Banana Almond Green Smoothie

[Recipe] Weight Loss Program: Banana Almond Green Smoothie

  We’re still looking to make strides with our weight loss. Smoothies are a big part of our healthy eating plan, especially since I’m not good at eating greens. This recipe includes romaine lettuce which gives loads of healthy green nutrients yet has a very mild flavor. It is an excellent source of Vitamin K,

[Recipe] Apple Cinnamon Ginger Green Smoothie

  It’s that time of year when we remember we meant to lose-those-extra-few-pounds-that-slipped-on-when-we-weren’t-looking so we can fit into that special dress for the holiday season. Sigh! Don’t give up! Mishaps and slip-ups happen but as Liz says in her post (see link at the end) expect/plan for them and then Get Back On Track! We

[Recipe] Blueberry Vanilla n Toasted Oat Smoothie Meal

  Blueberries, vanilla and toasted oats is lovely mix of flavors in this delicious smoothie from Abby at HeartOfABaker. (Recipe details on next page.)  Another winner for our  healthy eating weight loss program. I like to add yogurt to my smoothies for the probiotic benefits and I included a little honey to compensate for any