Lemon Water – The One Bad Thing You’re Probably Doing

I read something rather disturbing today, and at the same time reassuring. Its a serious health risk that anyone following a juicing regime should be aware of… There are many benefits from drinking lemon water, but one awful downside risk.

Read this article to learn what personal habits are probably making it worse and how you can easily avoid the risk.

Its from Dr Sara Solomon, who is answering a question she’s often asked…

DrSaraSolomonHere is a common dental question people ask me:

“I drink hot water with raw lemon every single morning, but I heard from a  dentist that it’s terrible for the enamel. Is this true?

Is there anything I can do to protect my teeth but still drink it?

Does water temperature make a difference?”

For Dr Solomon’s explanation of the problem, & solution recommendations read on to Next Page…

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  1. Paul Kimble said:

    The endless cycle of “you should do this” then “this is really bad for you”. The older you get, the harder you laugh at every new bull$#%&!@* thing to come down the pipe telling people what is and isn’t good for them. Here’s a tip,* doing anything habitually is bad for you *, you’re welcome, the sum total of my new book.

  2. Drink Me Healthy said:

    Hi Lillian Chilelli Giannotti, so do I! Drives me nuts…That’s why we always have a very large “Next Page” link on our posts to make it easy to follow through.
    If you are not seeing these links, please let me know what kind of device you are using – maybe there’s a tech issue…. Thanks, Ruth

  3. Scena Vandagriff said:

    Look up the origins of fluoride and how detrimental it is to our health. Specifically … byproduct of aluminum processing and the desire to find a dollar producing use for a hazardous material.

  4. Susan Heney said:

    A red flag to me! Fluoride has compromised the health of many by placing it in our water supplies. Children don’t get a vote in this…Most are aware of this fact.

  5. Drink Me Healthy said:

    Hi Carrie Carton Marshall, thanks for your feedback. I get it ok… I’m guessing – are you using a desktop computer or large tablet? Remember we have to serve the majority of visitors who use smartphones or small tablets. Hence the smaller typical “page” size… Hope this makes sense? Regards, Ruth

  6. Carrie Carton Marshall said:

    I am on a laptop, but I use my phone too, and I looked at the same article on my phone just to see the difference. I still don’t get the benefit of clicking to the next page when I could just scroll down.

  7. Renee Messing said:

    There is no such thing as “moderate” fluoride exposure. Its in the foods we eat, even those we prepare ourselves. Why add insult to injury and expose yourself to even more in your toothpaste? Also, it is the acid in lemon that may cause dental issue, but if using the rind,like in a good quality, cold pressed lemon essential oil, that issue in non existant

  8. John Large said:

    30 years ago my dentist said I should never use a fluoride toothpaste. The by product of aluminum manufacturing. If you read the history behind the insidious way it was allowed to be put in our water system, that tells a lot. Calcium Fluoride is naturally occurring in water. Sodium fluoride is not, thats what the municipal water systems are poisoned with. a smidgen of investigation will result in a multitude of exposure of the real facts.

  9. Drink Me Healthy said:

    Thanks for your input John Large. After my “smidgen of research” some time back, I conluded – this is a controversial issue on which there are very strong opinions on both sides, and that UK takes a very different view from USA, probably because of different standards of implementation… Best regards, Ruth

  10. Drink Me Healthy said:

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  11. Jackie Hayes said:

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  12. Drink Me Healthy said:

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  13. Tracy Scofield Soule said:

    I made it 3 pages in with your next page links and said forget it. Put the whole article on one page. Your page will be now blocked from appearing in my news feed.

  14. Evie Ann said:

    I don’t even use toothpaste anymore, much less fluoridated. I use homemade tooth powder, bentonite clay, coconut oil, hydrogen peroxide. I hardly ever use the same thing twice in a row.

  15. Drink Me Healthy said:

    Hi Sally Dillon, Many thanks for letting me know. We’ve checked the website, and can confirm there is no virus issue on the web page. Best regards, Ruth B

  16. Karita Lehto said:

    Skin of the lemon actually has more good stuff in it than the actual lemon so keep the skin and benefit is it won’t have the acidity level of the lemon either.

  17. Diana Hughes said:

    Thanks That’s What I Was Going To Say I Drink Mine Almost Everyday And I Use A Straw In Fact It Came with The Jar.!

  18. Drink Me Healthy Smoothies & Juicing said:

    Hi Debbie Filson Shapiro, yes, but… that’s an over-simplification. Everyone knows lemons are a “citrus” fruit and by their nature feature citric acid… However, there is an aspect of truth in your comment…
    “There is often misunderstanding of lemon’s pH outside the body versus inside the body. Let’s get this straight and expound on 10 benefits of regularly taking lemon juice with warm water (note: NOT equal to lemonade!)

    Outside the body, lemon juice is acidic (pH is below 7). This is a non-issue. Everyone knows this. It’s a citrus fruit.

    Inside the body however, when lemon juice has been fully metabolized and its minerals are dissociated in the bloodstream, its effect is alkalizing and therefore raises the pH of body tissue (pH above 7 is alkaline). Please notice the difference.

  19. April Hunt said:

    To answer your quertion. I drink throughout the day. I have a canter that i drink from and i refill it twice a day, with the lemon.

  20. Terry Zarate said:

    Flouride doesn’t strengthen teeth. It’s poison. And people should be reminded not to drink tap water which is also poison. Drink distilled water or spring water and use organic lemons.

  21. Melania Merrill said:

    Aspartame is poison, tap water is poison, non-organic lemons are poison, drinking without a straw is dangerous, drink only warm water…..and on and on. Along with all the other toxic foods, how, I ask, are we to survive?

  22. Chenise Speer said:

    Not buying organic thanks for the reminder I am poor I do the best I can with what is available to Me can’t afford to be healthy great!

  23. Juli Rea said:

    Dilute your Lemon juice with 8 oz of water the hotter the water the more severe the erosion will be. Use a Straw. Rinse immediately. Chew Sugar free gum if you wish to help neutralize the acid. Brush teeth with a soft toothbrush and a toothpaste that is Fluoridated. This amount of Fluoride is for your tooth enamel. Brush in a non agressive way. Other Acidic things we use is vinegar those who drink Apple cider vinegar and love those dill pickels especially little ones. Unless you eat a large amount your Saliva and water should be enough with proper Oral Hygiene.

  24. Monica Chapa said:

    Reverse osmosis and never had problems with lemon. For years almost all day sometimes. Apple cider vinegar is the definite enamel destroyer.

  25. Carrie Bolick said:

    Here’s just a thought I’ve previously had.. If you drink an acidity substance (such as lemon or acv) through a plastic straw, won’t it break down the plastic exposing one to the chemicals therein? Just an observation that I’ve always wondered about.. 😉

  26. Deann Cuppetilli said:

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  27. Charlie Irvin said:

    If a may ask you does Lemon in water actually hurt us ?because People often will put a slice of lemon in water to give it some flavor Question which is safer bottled water or Tap water?