[Recipe] Almond Banana Fig Smoothie Weight Loss Recipe


Almond butter and fig is a lovely combination, but nut butters certainly bump up the calorie count in a smoothie recipe. If that matters to you there are a couple of ways to deal with it.

Firstly, ignore it altogether and have a treat. That’s a legitimate way to do things, just don’t overdo the occasions otherwise the extra pounds will mount up with the extra calories.

Secondly, play around with the recipe. For example, increase the quantities – I know that doesn’t seem to make sense, but read on …

I often find that if I double the quantities in a smoothie recipe I can get three reasonable sized servings from it, saving calories in the process – plus I don’t feel cheated with a tiny drink just to save on calories.

That is the way I played this smoothie. As one drink it is 307 calories, but doubled and serve 3 smoothies it’s only 205 calories. Either way, this delicious smoothie recipe fits within our healthy eating weight loss program.

Liren Baker at KitchenConfidante loves figs and tells how this smoothie recipe came about. She says …

… after a hard workout, and I came home to refuel. I knew I wanted some extra protein that day, and pulled out the almond butter. And then I remembered the frozen figs. This [smoothie] was born that morning, and I’ve made it many times since, with those lovely frozen figs (and sometimes a few fresh ones added in if I had any). The creamy texture is like a sweet, nutty milkshake, and insanely delicious. I admit I was surprised!


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  1. Enza Harris said:

    Thank you admin for sharing your simple and delicious smoothies…I tried the frozen banana flax seeds and oat meal for loss weight ….now I loss 5 lbs…b4 I am 150 lbs…I drink in empty stomach….