[Recipe] Apple Beet Ginger Juice in a Blender

Being a food writer, Sommer Collier at ThePioneerWoman has owned every conceivable kitchen gadget you can name. Having run out of space in her kitchen she got rid of most of them, including her ‘super hip and high tech’ juicer and continues to make juices with her blender. Her ‘vibrant vitamin-packed sweet and zingy raw’ apple, beet and ginger juice is at the end of the post, along with simple instructions on how to make it with a blender.

Plus Sommer knows what it’s like to get kids to eat vegetables and says of her juice recipe that …

The apple, beet, ginger combo is sweet and tangy with a little kick from the ginger.  Its fuchsia color is so alluring; the kids will sip it down without ever knowing it contains veggies—unless you tell them.

Plus a daily dose of ginger acts as a detox to your body, making this Apple Beet Ginger Juice a winner in the health, taste, kid-tricking, and decluttering-the-kitchen departments. I love it so much!

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