[Recipe] Blueberry Avocado Flax Smoothie


Boy, it’s chilly outside! I’m so thankful for a cosy warm home. There has been snow recently, only on high ground, I know, but it will come to lower levels soon. Winter weather can be hard on your face so help protect it with good skin products, but also consider what you put in it as well as on it.

OK, not the most refined way to say your diet is important, lol!

This tasty smoothie can help improve your skin. However don’t look for an instant result, just make it a good habit to eat and drink healthily and your body will do the best for you.


The recipe is from Erin at WellPlated who wanted to eat foods that would improve her skin. She says …

I did some reading about different ingredients that can help promote healthy, glowing skin, and although the lists I found varied here and there, all of them included foods that are rich in antioxidants (which remove toxins from the body and fight inflammation), fiber (another inflammation fighter), and healthy fats (which help your skin hold on to water and stay moisturized).


While not all of the ingredients I read about made the recipe cut (oysters, I’m looking at you), I am happy to report that many skin-boosting foods taste delicious blended together in my new favorite smoothie …


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