[Recipe] Blueberry Vanilla n Toasted Oat Smoothie Meal


Blueberries, vanilla and toasted oats is lovely mix of flavors in this delicious smoothie from Abby at HeartOfABaker. (Recipe details on next page.)  Another winner for our  healthy eating weight loss program.

I like to add yogurt to my smoothies for the probiotic benefits and I included a little honey to compensate for any tartness in the blueberries. A small ripe banana would also do the trick instead of the honey, if you wish. Remember to choose a well ripened, spotty-but-not-black banana for maximum sweetness.

Abby suggests …

Toasting up the oats in a pan is pretty quick and easy, but if you don’t want to dirty another pan or are just impatient/hungry (I get it!), throw them in untoasted. Toasting the oats isn’t completely necessary, but I think it adds a little bit of carmelized goodness to the smoothie, so just take those extra few minutes and do it.


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