[RECIPE] Cinnamon Pineapple Smoothie Helps Heal Hurting Knees

Our knees are at risk, but there is hope…

Knees – probably one of our body’s most important joints. Essential for good posture, and of course if we are to engage in any activity like walking, jumping and running, they need to be strong, supple and working efficiently.

Risks – this vital joint, in continual use, means our knees are also one of the areas of our body most at risk of injury. Over the years, the accumulated bumps and bruises, twists and sprains loosen the ligaments and tendons around our knees. This results in instability and reduced mobility, made worse by inadequate lubrication.

Hope – Yes there is, but not if we literally sit back and let our knees seize up… Instead, we really should discover whatever we can do to provide our knees with greater flexibility, extending the useful life of these critical joints so they can support better us into our later years.

As you might expect from DrinkMehealthy, we have a smoothie to help out here too, by adding strength & reducing inflamation…

Its from fitnessandpower.com…

That is why we decided to offer you one fantastically effective natural remedy for strengthening ligaments and tendons.

Its ingredients are known for their effective anti-inflammatory characteristics, and are ideal for reducing pain.

The list of nutrients includes high quantities of vitamin C, bromelain, silicon and magnesium.

In addition to their inflammatory properties, these nutrients restore the overall strength of your body, providing you with energy.

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  1. loretta brackett said:

    can you omit or substitute the almond nut as I have a nut allergy? would it make the smoothie less effective or useless for knee/ joint pain management?