[Recipe] Gluten-free Gingerbread Smoothie


Do you have guests coming who are gluten-free? Well, they may not be able to eat your gingerbread cookies, but you can include them in your smoothie routine with this lovely, warm and sweetly spiced, gluten-free gingerbread smoothie.

And as well as being full of health-giving spices, this gluten-free gingerbread smoothie is not only tasty but full of protein, too.

The recipe is from Kristine at ThankHeavens, the gluten-free lifesaver website. Kristine gives the lowdown on the health benefits of the spices in her tasty smoothie and reminds us that …

Cloves give a warm, sweet and aromatic flavour to gingerbread, but they also contain something called eugenol, which has been the subject of recent studies on the prevention of toxicity from environmental pollutants. Cloves also have anti-inflammatory properties, and are exceptionally high in manganese, which is integral in bone production, skin health and blood sugar control.


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