[Recipe] Green Apple Ginger Smoothie from 150 Calories


The apples at the farmers’ markets have been wonderful recently so, as they are plentiful and inexpensive, we have another apple smoothie for you to try. However, while this recipe may have a similar title and a slight overlap in ingredients with the previous smoothie, ie the apple and ginger, that’s where the similarity ends.

Today’s recipe has a little extra natural sweetness provided by the juicy clementine (or whatever small orange you have) and a kiwi. There is also some mango to add a little tropicalness … hmm, is there such a word? Never mind, you get the idea, I’m sure.

I knew I should be including the zest from citrus fruit, but I’d forgotten why. So I checked it out and was reminded that …

… d-limonene, an oil nutrient found in lemons and other citrus fruit, has cholesterol-dissolving properties. And … that it not only aids digestion, but reduces appetite and improves metabolism.


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