[Recipe] Healthy Oreo Cookie Smoothie Only 140 Cals


This smoothie recipe comes from Jocelyn Delk Adams of GrandbabyCakes. As always, the details are over on the next page. Scroll down to click on the ’next page’ button below if you are in a hurry to get there, lol!

A delicious, healthy Oreo smoothie that tastes indulgent, which is a necessary requirement according to Jocelyn. She says …

My only rule for healthy recipes is it has to taste unhealthy … It is the best rule I could have ever came up with. I don’t like to know I am on the “good foot” when consuming food. I want to feel like I am indulging and enjoying life at all times. If I feel like I am depriving myself, I immediately want to stop and eat a bowl of full fat ice cream.


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