[Recipe] PB Banana Smoothie from 190 Calories


Here we go again … where would I be without a banana and peanut butter smoothie? Like a peanut butter and banana sandwich it’s such a great fall back when there is nothing else in the pantry, refrigerator or freezer. It seems I always have bananas and am never without peanut butter. What about you? Or are you more organized and never run out of things?

This tasty smoothie is a favorite of mine and I keep coming back to it. Sometimes I put spinach in, sometimes not. (It gives your smoothie a weird color but does not affect the flavor.) If I’ve run out of flax seeds I’ll add chia. No maple syrup? Use a little honey..

The recipe is from Andrea Bemis, farmer turned foodie, at DishingUpTheDirt. Andrea says …

I was craving a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup last night but I didn’t let myself go out and buy one. Yoga and Reese’s in the same night just don’t really go together you know? Instead, I waited until this morning and created this awesome green smoothie. It doesn’t exactly taste like a Reese’s but it kicked the craving.


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