[Recipe] Pineapple n Ruby Orange Smoothie


Am I being cruel teasing the family into thinking they have a strawberry smoothie in front of them and it turns out to have a tropical citrus-y flavor? How can a smoothie that looks like a strawberry smoothie not be a strawberry smoothie? Well, this one has ruby oranges, sometimes called blood oranges, which gives the red color.

The recipe comes from Abby at HeartOfABaker

Blood oranges seem to be a tad sweeter than their regular counterparts, with a gorgeous dark red juice that was just perfect for a pink-hued smoothie. Frozen pineapple seemed like another perfectly tart addition, as well as balancing out the sweetness of the blood oranges …


If you can’t find blood oranges, sub in your favorite winter citrus. But honestly, that color and the touch of sweetness the oranges bring can’t be beat!


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