[Recipe] Power Detox n Recharge Green Smoothie


Are you feeling sluggish and bloated after all the fatty, sugary or processed holiday foods you’ve been enjoying? Me, too! That’s why I’ve turned to this tasty smoothie from the NutritionTwins, registered dietitians, to help me get my energy back and to reduce bloating.

Registered dietitians probably have a better idea than most of us of what works well for our bodies and what does not. Loads of sugar does not, and that’s what we often indulge in during the holidays. So try this powerfully detox and recharge smoothie recipe to help eliminate all that waste build-up.

Yes, our bodies have systems that naturally remove the toxins, but adding extra nutrition gives them a boost. Check out the link to the Girls’ website for a load more nutritional information and the technicalities of how the foods help us.

Meanwhile, here’s a brief idea of what to expect …

If you’re looking to reboot and recharge after over indulging, this is for you. Our clients tell us they especially love that this smoothie is easy to make and they love knowing that it packs the perfect little punch to nip the trouble (i.e. toxins and weight gain) that have accumulated from over-indulging in less than healthy foods and drink in the bud.


That’s because this smoothie packs in the most restorative, nutrient-rich greens and is an absolute reboot for health. We included the greens because they’re nutritional powerhouses and some aid the liver in breaking down and neutralizing toxins while others fight inflammation and the damage it does to the body. They’re also loaded with fiber, which helps to flush waste out your colon – goodbye constipation and unsightly gut bulges from it – hello flatter belly. Oh Yeah!


Have a serving of this light smoothie with a lean protein and veggie meal or with a protein-packed snack, like nonfat Greek yogurt– or pair it with a breakfast like a veggie omelet.


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