[Recipe] Red Green and White Christmas Smoothie


With Christmas just around the corner I thought it would good to have a few new and easy smoothie recipes to hand that you can make quickly – just for yourself or to share.

This one is red, green and white as the title says. This has the best Christmas colors in traditional red and green, and we all hope for some of the white stuff to complete the day. And as you will see, the green does not dominate. Instead, you have the lovely pinky-red from the berries and the green comes from the pumpkin seeds, both in it and to decorate it.

The recipe is from ElizabethRider who says …

While I believe in the holiday feast, I also believe it’s important to take a few extra steps to make sure our bodies are properly nourished on a daily basis, even on holidays. Here is a yummy whole-food based smoothie that you can enjoy on Christmas morning before the feast begins. The red & green ingredients make it extra festive – your kids will love it, too.


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