[Recipe] Smooth Green Things To Jump Start Your Morning

I found this excellent compilation of smoothies great for kick-starting your mornings (on luxeporium.com).

We’ve included the first 3 recipes here below. In all there are 14 super morning energiser smoothie recipes but love number 2 especially!

Here’s what the author says…

If you are looking for a great way to kick-off your morning (and waist-line!) try these as a substitute for your morning coffee.

Many people begin their day with a glass of ‘green’ juice because it flushes out toxins and gets the system revved up. It is a good idea to make this the first thing you consume in the morning.

Healthy drinks come in all shapes and sizes, but this one is especially detoxifying. It jump-starts the metabolism and helps you awaken after a night of sleep. It also gets you hydrated first thing in the morning, after several hours without water..

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