[Recipe] Snowman Banana Coconut Smoothie


This is a fun treat for the kids at Christmas or any time of year – and actually, it doesn’t matter what age you are, it is still a tasty, filling smoothie.

You can adjust how filling you make it. For a light breakfast, lunch or snack make it with low-fat or nonfat milk or milk beverage and yogurt. For a filling recipe, use full fat milk and yogurt – or mix them: 1 full fat and the other nonfat. It’s your choice. The more fat, the more tasty and the more filling. The calorie calculations below are for whole milk and nonfat yogurt.

The recipe is from Grace at EatsAmazing. Grace says …

These simple smoothies were thoroughly enjoyed by my boys, especially with the added treat of squirty cream and sprinkles on top! I hope to serve them up at a fun North Pole breakfast at some point over the festive season, and I know the boys will be very happy to have them again.


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