[Recipe] The Don’t-Starve-Yourself WEIGHT-LOSS Smoothie FORMULA (That Worked for Me!)


If you plan to start a new diet on Monday then you may be asking yourself this question: Is a Filling Diet a contradiction in terms? Do we have to starve to lose weight?

The short answer is, “No!”  But read on …

Smoothies are great for helping you lose weight because you can fill it up with loads of healthy things you might not want to eat otherwise … like healthy GREEN things! It really works, believe me. And you don’t taste them, which is even better in my book, lol.

Living in a cold, wet climate, salads are never high on my list of winter food … and don’t diets always begin in winter – think new year resolutions!

So I found smoothies worked for me (but not ice-cold ones, lol!)


About 11 months ago I started down the replace-a-meal-with-a-healthy-smoothie trail as part of my healthy eating plan and quickly lost over 40 pounds. I must confess I’ve not been so good for last few months, but managed to maintain the weight loss until … I succumbed to the extra treats over the Christmas holidays and I’ve put on a few pounds.

And I don’t want to put on any more!!! So with Monday literally hours away, I plan to get back on track. I know that Monday never comes when planning to diet, but I’m not going to diet remember; I’m getting back on my healthy eating plan.

Plus it’s New Year … and doesn’t that mean getting serious about it?


I agree whole-heartedly with this quote I found from Rebecca Clyde, M.S., R.D.N., C.D., blogger at Nourish Nutrition, writing at Self.com …

Dieting sucks! It means depriving yourself of your favorite foods. Not only that, but it doesn’t work. Research shows us over and over that following a diet leads to weight gain after the fact, bingeing, and in my mind, an unhealthy relationship with food.


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