[Recipe] Tropical Probiotic Smoothie Aids Weight Loss


We have a smoothie every morning, come rain or come shine. When it’s hot we have them really chilled; when it’s cold they’re more likely to be at room-temperature – well, actually, just a little chilled due to the frozen spinach I use in the winter with no ice … and crank up the heating, lol!

They are always good, and sometimes they are great! Case in point … The other day I was really pleased with this Tropical Probiotic Smoothie – which will aid weight loss as part of a healthy eating, weight-reducing plan.

The liquid base is water, a little pineapple juice and kefir or Greek yogurt – it is up to you which level of fat you choose in your yogurt: full fat, 2% or non-fat. They all have the same amount of protein. However, the higher the fat content the more filling it will be.

I raided the store cupboard for the ingredients for this smoothie. Much as I would love to have had a real coconut and a whole pineapple, I used what I had. Nonetheless, I was pleased with the result – it tastes great!

This is a meal-replacement smoothie when serving 2 and has approximately 330 calories per serving. If you wish to reduce the calories or you’d rather have something else to eat with your smoothie then pour it into 4 glasses which will give you about 165 calories per glass. You can share it with the family or keep the extra in the refrigerator for later.

Either way, enjoy!


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